Revolutionary Gaming and Computing

Play rich Games, edit photos and hi-def video, and even render massive 3D and CAD files on your computer, Tablet, or even Smart phone!

Eco Friendly

Use less energy than ever by using our Power Efficient infrastructure to do your Computing

Simply Easy

Never worry about hardware update cycles again. Leap Computing keeps all of your hardware and OS's up to Date in the Cloud

Amazingly powerful

Next Gen AMD GPUs ensure Lightning Fast performance in the LEAP Cloud

Instant Satisfaction

Get running in minutes with LEAP's Instantly Available cloud Infrastructure for Applications or Virtual Desktops

Easy to Start

Moving to the cloud is easier than ever. LEAP takes charge of your complete desktop to get you moving faster

No rainy days

With 99.999% uptime and Data redundancy, you can rest assured your data is SAFE and always ACCESSIBLE any time, anywhere.


Real Gaming Small Devices


Powered by Next-Gen AMD GPUs, the LEAP Computing Service gives gamers a Fluid Environment

Long Battery Life

Without the need for Local GPU performance, enjoy Extremely long battery life when gaming!

Run Intensive Modern PC Games on ANY Internet Device!

Remove the restrictions of Gaming PCs!


Downloading HUGE game files is a thing of the past. All of the game data is Located in Datacenters ready for INSTANT streaming to you.

Never update your computer again, and avoid the CONSTANT hardware update cycle. LEAP keeps you in the game forever.

Easy to Play

Affordable Solutions

Professional Performance

Professional Applications run effortlessly with LEAP.

Work on-the-go with your Current Devices


99.999% Uptime with Redundant Backup and Security

Powerful AMD GPUs to Rapidly Accelerate your workflow

Low total cost of ownership for Graphically Intense Enterprise Solutions

Datacenters Across the Continental USA to ensure FAST Performance and Low Latency

Windows Desktop Everywhere

Bring all of your essential programs with you to any device

Smartphones, tablets, Macs and PCs


Full Windows 8.1 x64 for all of your applications

Log in on any Internet Connected Device

Support for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mac and More!

Accelerated with AMD GPUs for Lightning Fast Graphics

Low latency so you can work and play efficiently

Always Up to Date software and Hardware to ensure Compatibility

The Leap Standard

Leap Computing always keeps you running with revolutionary technology and infrastructure

The Latest AMD GPUs for the LEAP cloud ensure blazing performance, and Leap's work with AMD ensures constant innovation to stay on top of performance.

Large redundant arrays of entire Servers in many geographic locations make sure your desktop and information is always safe and sound.

Always have access to your data and Applications anywhere you go at any time. With LEAP we make sure you can always login and get to work.


Totally Redundant Storage

99.999% Uptime

The Next Generation Cloud

Consolidate all of your old Cloud services to LEAP for a seamless single access point for all of your needs.


Product Pricing

Basic Packages for a Wide variety of needs.

None of these for you? Just let us know.


Gaming Package


Access to the LEAP Marketplace

Instant Gameplay

Mobile+ Package

1080p Game Streaming


Coming this Summer

Leap Pro Desk


128 GB Storage+

UltraFast GPU Performance

99.999% Uptime Guaranteed

Quad Core CPU


Coming this Summer

Enterprise VDI

Call for Pricing

100% Customized Solutions

Graphically Accellerated VDI

On-Site or Off-Site Locations

Enhanced Security


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Gaming Package

This is for the gamers. Never upgrade your PC again to play top next-gen titles. Leap Computing's online game marketplace has all of the hot titles that you want to play; instantly available for streaming on any device, anywhere.

Leap Pro Desk

Professionals looking to use Photoshop, Premier Pro, AutoCAD or any other Intense computing applications look no further. This package has a Full windows 8.1 x64 Desktop for all of your applications. Compute on the go, on any device.

Enterprise VDI

Save money on IT Management for your employees while drastically improving performance of your computers. Never worry about losing sensitive workplace data again with enhanced security features.




A Fast Easy Solution for Everyone

Affordable Gaming, Professional Graphics, and Enterprise VDI Solutions Available

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